The Chameleon Queen by Max Kopanygin Crosses Urban with Native

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: maxkopanygin & fashionising
The photo series titled Chameleon Queen by Max Kopanygin, a photographer, videographer and film editor based in Toronto, Canada, gives the urban girl a native makeover. Inspired by the classic character Pocahontas, the beauty photoshoot focuses on earthy tones with a tribal aesthetic that is nevertheless soft and romantic for the feminine woman. Kopanygin elaborates, "We were going for a Neo-Pocahontas vibe."

Starring FORD model Zoe, Chameleon Queen by Max Kopanygin is comprised of closeups that really showcase the stunning war paint-esque makeup. Created by makeup artist Lucky Bromhead, the looks concentrate on warm colors that would be found in a vibrant sunset. Complemented with slick straight locks, which was created by hairstylist Shawna Lane, the beauty looks have a striking magical element that is perfect for the cool fall season.