The Cha-Cha Salt and Pepper Shaker Fine-Tunes the Taste of Your Food

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: & tuvie
An extensive variety of condiment dispensers has graced this website, yet interestingly, the Cha-Cha Salt and Pepper Shaker is one of the most unusual of the bunch. It doesn't take the form of a cartoon character but looks rather like the sort of item one might find in a handyman's toolbox.

The streamlined stainless steel implement was sculpted with such a slender shaft and an unusual shape to complement the cutlery on the table. Initially resembling a little wrench, it does bear a likeness to a spoon. The way that you use EmamiDesign's utensil is by grasping the smooth handle and gently shaking the round tip over top of your food. Refilled through the opposite end, the Cha-Cha Salt and Pepper Shaker stores the seasonings inside the entire length of the grip.