Mike Campau & Atiba Jefferson's Project is Visually Striking

In an attempt to reimagine traditional portraits, digital artist Mike Campau and photographer Atiba Jefferson fuse CGI and photography for a very crisp project. Long fascinated with "images affected by glass refraction," the creatives focus their efforts on creating attention-captivating and visually baffling instances of portrait photography. It worked.

The Mike Campau x Atiba Jefferson project features recognizable personalities like Houston Rockets' point guard James Harden, Golden State Warrior's Stephen Curry, Canadian rapper Drake, among other athletes and musicians. The name of this CGI and photography fusion is 'Looking Glass.'

By pushing the boundaries of their respective mediums and undertaking an in-depth interdisciplinary approach that takes cues from humans and computer software, Mike Campau and Atiba Jefferson are able to truly develop something worthwhile and impressive.