The To Die For Ceviche Recipe Combines Various Flavor Profiles

 - May 25, 2016
References: patijinich
Ceviche is a traditional dish that anyone who visits Central America must try, but this To Die For Ceviche Recipe allows even amateur chefs to create the fresh dish from home. The ceviche -- referred to as Ceviche Que Te Mueres in Spanish -- incorporates a mixture of fishes, fresh citrus juices, Mexican spices and a lot of room for personal interpretation.

The sauce is created by incorporating various juices, oils, jalapeño, onion and celery into a blender to create a sauce that's rather clear and free flowing. This allows the To Die For Ceviche Recipe to be all about the fresh fish ingredients rather than have the palate focus on the sauce.

The Ceviche Que Te Mueres recipe is the work of Pati Jinich and allows for ample room for chefs to include their favorite flavors.