The Cesare Car Air Freshener Features A Fun and Irreverent Design

 - Feb 18, 2016
The Cesare car air freshener does more than just add pleasant aromas to the inside of your car; it also adds personality and a dash of fun to your vehicle.

This car air freshener is made of thermoplastic and non-toxic EVA material, and is infused with various essential oils as well as special, aggressive odor-repelling molecules. The fragrances are free of alcohol.

Designed by prominent Italian designer Luca Trazzi, and bears a cute and irreverent design -- rather than being shaped like a tree or something regular like that, this car air freshener is shaped like a small humanoid character "whose shape and fragrance are guaranteed to put us in a good mood."

Not only does this car air freshener keeps your vehicle smelling fresh, but it's also guaranteed to put a fresh smile on your face.