Cellphone Charger by Soledad Martin Turns Paces into Power

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: coroflot & designbuzz
Developing cutting-edge eco-friendly means to harness energy is one of the most exciting tasks that a young industrial designer can take on. This Cellphone Charger by Soledad Martin demonstrates just how extensive the possibilities are for producing power passively.

All that this invention asks is that you carry on with your usual daily routine but keep the shoe charger system strapped to your sneakers. The device is small enough that it won't interfere with most sports, and rather welcomes more vigorous activities because that way it can generate more energy.

The Cellphone Charger by Soledad Martin works with a nanogenerator system to turn the kinetic energy of your foot's motion into the stuff that brings your mobile phone battery back to life. It's got a built-in USB port so you can even juice up your handset right in the street.