Cell Phone Valets Keep Your Phones So You Can Go to Class Undistracted

 - Oct 8, 2012
References: ubergizmo
Apparently, all cellular devices are banned in New York public schools so ambitious entrepreneurial truck owners in NYC have come up with creative way to earn some extra cash with their spacious vehicles as cell phone valets.

This rule is almost unenforceable unless schools are equipped with metal detectors to scan students' bags and some schools do. For those that don't, that's where the cell phone valets come in. Owners will take a small fee from each student to keep their phones until recess or end-of-day. The total cost of this service can rack up to about $180 dollars.

Cell phones are a huge distraction anywhere, not just in the classroom. Replacing the old school note-passing and live face-to-face conversations, mobile phones have trained people with a new sense of urgency and immediacy.