Cell Phone Love Detector Service

 - May 9, 2006
References: love-detector & gushmagazine
Nemesysco Entertainment has created a cell phone service in Turkey, Hungary and the UK that can monitor the excitement levels and can calculate the “love levels” of the person on the other line. Once the conversation is over, the final report will be sent to your cell phone using SMS or audio message. Here's an example of the type of message you can expect to receive:
"Embarrassment level was 'Normal'. Although your friend was embarrassed from time to time, this is only expected in long calls. Your friend's concentration level was VERY HIGH during this conversation. Normally, this is a very good indication as it means that your friend is 100% with you during your call... If you can't think of any reason why your friend will be angry during the call, this indication is very promising...! Anticipation level is HIGH - Your friend was expecting something to happen during this call... if other indications are negative, it might be that your friend was too busy to speak now, but if love level is high, maybe it is time for you POP THE QUESTION??? HIGH EMOTIONS WERE DETECTED THROUGHOUT THE CONVERSATION and this means, most likely, that LOVE IS DETECTED! - Our advice? Proceed with caution! Be polite, and try to make the move!" (Love-Detector.com)