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 - Nov 3, 2011
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Ever thought a celebrity marketing twitter tool would be exceptionally useful? It is now a possibility as many celebrities are using this as a new found income stream. Furthermore this does not just apply to celebrities as many others with large twitter followings can also take advantage of this potential. It could lead to being a large earner for those with a substantial twitter following as the rates are expensive. If you want Tyrese Gibson to tweet about your products or services to over 2 million people then a fee of $7800 dollars is the price.

It demonstrates a whole new way for companies to interact with the audience and they can now do it through people who have clear a definable influence. People follow them on twitter because they seek to replicate their lifestyle and success. Therefore what better way than by purchasing the products they endorse.

Implications - It is a whole new way for companies to market via social media. Not only this is is potentially a new revenue stream for business’s with large twitter followings. It adds value to social media.