From Jlo's Behind to Matthew McConaughey's Abs

 - Jun 1, 2009
References: facedouble
The inspiring individual has fled the scene with the intrusion of celebrity imitators parading through the cities. Celebrity imitation has escalated from clothing and accessories to cosmetic plastic surgery. 

This performance of celebrity impressionism has broken through previous laws as technology now enables one to go to such extremes as cosmetic surgery. To acquire that worshiped celebrity look, fans such as Russian 19-yea-old Anna Ivana who, already resembling Paris Hilton, desired cosmetic surgery to resemble the fashionista in every detail including her waist and lips.

Cosmetic surgeons receive numerous requests to resemble Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, as well as the desire for Jennifer Lopez's derriere, Nicole Kidman's nose, and Matthew McConaughey's abs.

When does this celebrity admiration become a diagnosis of an obsession or a mental disorder? Is this an individual’‘s outlet? Is it a quest for social approval? Or is merely a form of pleasure?

We admire the works of others, but it is us who remain strong individuals who help hold down a vision of reality. Individuals are the route of originality that inspire the arts.

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