San Francisco’s 'Flore' Serves a CBD Oil-Infused Cocktail

 - Oct 27, 2017
References: facebook & wellandgood
'Cinnamon Kissed Cherry' is the name of a CBD cocktail served at San Francisco’s Flore that takes the form of a cinnamon-infused whiskey drink. The beverage is made up of cherry bitters, pineapple juice, lemon juice, Angostura bitters and OG Kush CBD oil. CBD sets itself apart from its psychoactive counterpart THC, by offering support for various health conditions without the mind-altering effects.

Patrons may begin ordering from Flore's cocktail menu of mocktails and alcoholic drink options from 4:20 onwards.

In preparation for the legalization marijuana's across certain states, a number of cafes and restaurants are just now beginning to offer CBD oil as an add-in for everything from coffee beverages to smoothie snack bowls, emphasizing its health benefits. As full marijuana legalization is set to go into effect early next year in California, Flore is aiming to reposition itself as a hotspot for CBD-infused beverages.