'Causa-Efecto' by Ana Soler Freezes 2,000 Spheres in Mid-Air

 - Mar 11, 2012
References: anasoler.es & collabcubed
For those who have ever wondered what it would look like if 2,000 tennis balls were to fall from the ceiling and then stay frozen in time, 'Causa-Efecto' by Ana Soler makes for the perfect viewing.

In this installation, Soler hangs tennis balls beside each other, and makes it appear as if you are seeing every stage of these spheres flying through the air. The balls are everywhere, and are placed to not only attract the eyes of the audience, but to also compliment the architecture that surrounds the display. Apart from being a highly sophisticated piece of artwork, this display is also fun to watch, and may even inspire some tennis playing in certain onlookers.