The Parmesan & Herb Cauliflower Cake Combine Dinner & Dessert Aesthetics

 - Aug 15, 2015
References: veggiesbycandlelight
A cauliflower cake brings the appeal of dessert to the dinner table. Although this particular cake lacks the sugary goodness of a cheesecake or red velvet creation, it still remains remarkably delicious.

Posted on the Veggies by Candlelight food blog, Parmesan and Herb Cauliflower Cake is a cross-seasonal meal perfect for any time of the year. The delicious dish features the appeal of a cake but replaces the traditional batter base with a base made of cauliflower, gluten-free flour, Parmesan cheese and various spices and herbs. Unlike the usual cake, this cauliflower cake showcases earthy nigella seeds coating the sides of the cake.

Opposed to chocolate or vanilla frosting, Parmesan and Herb Cauliflower Cake is topped with red onions.