The Catstarter Website Allows You to Invent New Great Cat Toys

 - Mar 19, 2014
References: meowmix & adweek
With cats ruling the Internet, 'Meow Mix' has launched the 'Catstarter' that allows you to invent new cat toys and cat accessories. Working similar to the ways 'Kickstarter' does, you are able to back the best ideas that you and your cat like the best. The biggest difference between 'Kickstarter' and 'Catstarter' is the fact that 'Catstarter' doesn't require you to financially support the items that you back; all it asks for is for you to click a button.

'Catstarter' opens up the opportunity for you to invent the best cat toy that you know your cat will love. If your invention has the highest number of backers then Meow Mix will put it into development and you will find your cool cat-tastic invention on store shelves soon enough. Ranging from cat toys to food bowls, 'Catstarter' has a wide range of items that any cat and cat lover will love to have in their house.