Eldar Zakirov's Cat Portraits Display the Furry Beasts as Gentlemen

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: hermitage-magazine.ru & mymodernmet
Incredible artist Eldar Zakirov has done an awe-inspiring job with his cat portraits, which transform the felines into dapper noblemen. In a page right out of 'Planet of the Apes,' these cats are made to look like they've stepped out of an alternate universe where cats rule the world.

If there was ever an aristocracy that was formed by cats, these digital paintings would surely be an accurate depiction of it. These whimsical creations will grace the pages of Heritage Magazine and will be sure to cause a stir. Cats are definitely a regal sort of animal, so the imaginative creations definitely have an air of authenticity. I can just picture it now: the royal court of cats deciding on how best to take care of the rampant dog problem. Zakirov's digital paintings are the perfect mix of fanciful and technical expertise.