These Macro Images of Cat Eyes Peers Deeply into Our Feline Friends

 - Aug 20, 2015
References: phillypetphoto & mymodernmet
Philadelphia-based pet photographer Andrew Marttila has captured an intriguing macro look at his feline subjects with these zoomed in portraits of vivid cat eye photography.

The portfolio features a wide selection of different colorful cats' eyes, and even features each individual subject's name to help further acquaint the audience to each different model. The blue-eyed 'Husker,' amber-eyed 'Jinx' and green-eyed 'Kip' are some of the many different cats kind enough to pose for the camera in this collection of cat eye photography.

Marttila was actually born allergic to both cats and dogs, but his love for animals motivated himself to eventually build up an immunity and allow him to interact with his furry companions more closely. The photographer at times even becomes part of the process, and can be seen reflected back in certain images depending on the size of each individual cat's slit pupil.