Goat Belly Fur for $2000 / sq. yd.

 - Feb 3, 2008   Updated: Apr 11 2011
References: loropiana
Two words that mean ultra-luxury: cashmere carpet. One Step to Heaven is woven from 100% cashmere, goat belly fleece called officially the "duvet." As you can imagine, it is exceptionally fine and rare. At over $2000 per square yard, choose carefully where you place your goat belly carpet from Loro Piana.

"Loro Piana's ultimate expression of cashmere is the One Step to Heaven collection of naturally coloured pure cashmere carpeting designed for the most intimate atmosphere, not just for the home, but for private yachts, planes and helicopters as well."

Implications - The realm of ultra-luxurious design extends into a few industries, including fashion and interior design. The popularity of such extravagant pieces is due to the consumer demand for comfort and lavish living.