Casa Futebol Turns Unused Soccer Arenas into Low-Income Homes

 - Jul 21, 2014
References: & gizmag
Casa Futebol imagines a future where Brazil's World Cup stadiums are transformed into public housing. Such a bold strategy isn't as complicated as it may sound. French architects Axel de Stampa and Sylvain Macaux, the duo behind the project, envision sacrificing seating in favor of pre-fabricated housing.

According to the pair, five of the 12 stadiums built for the 2014 World Cup wouldn't need to lose seating at all. These stadiums would simply have pre-fab homes dropped into the gaps between the concrete and metal columns. The other seven stadiums would have homes mounted into the interior with a loss of seats necessary. Although Casa Futebol's aim is to create housing, the stadiums will still remain functional for future games, with revenue used for maintenance and to build more homes.