The Renovated Casa 31_4 Room House is Now a Modern Green Marvel

 - Apr 23, 2014
References: iredalepedersenhook & gizmag
Casa 31_4 Room House is a 1930s property in Perth Western Australia that has received cutting-edge upgrades that have transformed it into a passively-cooled home.

The property's inhabitants, who are accomplished architects, installed a passive cooling system that operates like a large evaporative system. Water is drip-fed by a rooftop system onto fabric which doubles as a sun shield and privacy screen. The fabric comes into contact with the breeze to cool the house's interior. Water is conservatively utilized since the fabric only needs to be partially damp to produce cooling effects.

Casa 31_4 Room House also has other eco-friendly features including low-energy lighting, a solar-powered water heating system and roof-bound solar panels. While the house was being renovated, unwanted wooden elements were re-used to make furniture, decks and door frames.