Troqman's Cartoonbombing Series is a Delight

 - Sep 23, 2014
References: troqman.tumblr & neatorama
While many people are already familiar with photobombing, very few people know about cartoonbombing; fortunately French art director and illustrator Troqman is looking to change that.

With cartoonbombing, Troqman inserts one of his beautifully drawn cartoons into reality and then snaps a photograph. Thanks to some clever placement, Troqman creates the illusion that his cartoons are actually interacting with the world around them. There's an old lady who looks like she's vacuuming actual crumbs, a young man relieving himself into some nearby plants, and one of the artist himself taking a selfie with a cartoon camera.

Often funny, and always clever, Troqman's cartoonbombing series is a can't miss, and worth following him on his Instagram account.