Cartoon Creators Have Recreated He-Man in Paper

Back in the day, cartoon creators usually had follow to a particular set of plots when it came to creating stories, but these days writers like to inject a touch of realism in cartoons that almost makes the shows inappropriate for kids to watch.

An artist at Planet-Pulp has brought people back to a time when all you needed was a stereotypical looking bad guy and a sword-wielding man in tights in paper figures.

The characters of the 1980s cult-classic ‘Masters of the Universe’ or ‘He-Man’ are re-created as paper figures to commemorate the beloved cartoon. Each of the paper figurines come with their designated paraphernalia in the series. He-Man has his sword and Teela cobra staff. The only thing that’s missing now is a paper She-Ra to show He-Man who’s the real master of the universe.