The Carrier Wheelchair Ensures User is Completely Independent

 - Sep 24, 2009
References: creativednaaustria & yankodesign
A new wave of robotic wheelchairs is taking over the traditional wheelchair scene, and the Carrier Wheelchair is set to be at the top of this robo-chair craze.

Effective for traveling over any terrain and situation, the Carrier Wheelchair is a robotic wheelchair built with a specially shaped frame that can maneuver over pracitally anything—including any type of toilet. How? A "trap door" opens when you need to go, so there’s "no need for awkward transfers or assisted lifts," according to Yanko Design.

Capable of complete elevation to make higher objects easier to reach, the Carrier Wheelchair also makes moving up stairs and inclines a piece of cake due to its "Galileo Wheel," which combines a wheel and track into a single drive.