The Carlsberg Bikers Stunt Turns a Movie Theatre into a Bar

If you've ever walked into a movie theater filled with 148 rugged men with only two seats left in the middle, you may have been a part of the Carlsberg bikers stunt. The Danish beer company took to a theater in Belgium as part of their 'That Calls for a Carlsberg' campaign, asking unsuspecting couples to brave a crowd of rough-looking men for seats in the packed theater. While not every couple managed to make their way to the available seats, those who did were rewarded with applause from the bikers, and two bottles of Carlsberg.

The Carlsberg bikers stunt brings new meaning to the term "never judge a book by its cover," showing that bravery and an open mind can, and should, be rewarded. The combination of a positive, anti-discriminatory message and a hilarious stunt makes this an extremely memorable ad.