Carlos Bonil Creates Intricate Art Out of Plastic Utensils

 - Aug 29, 2012
References: irisramler & neatorama
Artist Carlos Bonil has created some amazingly intricate sculptures made entirely out of plastic utensils. Bonil primarily focuses his art on the skeletal systems of humans and animals. Bonil’s realistic artworks show a serious passion for detail.

Some of his works include La Herramienta Correcta, Feto3, Tiempo Perdido, Pez y balde and Muertas de Hambre. The works are somewhat spooky, especially Tiempo Perdido, which shows a skeleton hanging on a wall, similar to something you’d find in a house of horrors. However, most of the sculptures just look like something you would be shown in science class or a museum.

These sculptures are definitely worth checking out for the sole reason of seeing how Bonil has managed to create hyper-realistic skeletal systems using such an unconventional material.