Carl Turner aka Biscuitboy has Created Dr. Seuss-Inspired Critters

 - Feb 14, 2012
References: carlvturner.blogspot & io9
Sculptor Carl Turner has created a series of mounted animal heads in the surreal style of Dr. Seuss. The sculptures are inspired by the illustrations and records of British zoologist Erasmus P. Jiggins.

In the summer of 1863, Jiggins set out on an expedition led by Sir Bartholomew Scoffer to explore the obscure reaches of the Pacific Ocean. Their voyage took them to a remote island, where Scoffer and Jiggins obtained specimens of creatures so strange and fantastic that they were accused of "huckstering and artifice," upon their return to London.

In an attempt to dispel such skepticism, Scoffer held a lectures series, which became immensely popular. Unfortunately, a fire erupted during one such lecture, destroying the specimens. In the years that followed, many explorers sought to find Scoffer’s lost island and claim similar discoveries. However, Scoffer’s sketchy navigational charts and the vastness of the Pacific conspired to make such attempts unsuccessful.

More than a century later, Carl Turner presents the world with his own "huckstering and artifice," appropriately in the whimsical fashion of Dr. Seuss.