Cardboard Plants by Karen Abel Add Life to Forgotten Flower Pots

 - Jun 6, 2011
References: planterart & treehugger
'Outside the Planter Box' is a project for an urban overhaul initiated by Sean Martindale, which has attracted such pieces as these cardboard plants by Karen Abel.

The goal of the undertaking is to reinvigorate the neglected sidewalk flower pots throughout Toronto, and the method chosen by one artist was literally to transform trash into recycled green life. For years now, the public has been using these soil-filled stone and concrete containers as garbage cans, so in employing such items as discarded paper products, Karen has been able to make delightful installations out of detritus.

One of such 'Planter Interventions' has come in the form of abandoned beer cases becoming beautiful origami flowers. Crisp and careful folding with a fresh top-up of dirt make these cardboard plants by Karen Abel charming fixtures amidst their urban environment.