The Alluringly Deceptive Photography by Caras Ionut is Breathtaking

 - Feb 21, 2014
References: carasdesign & viralforest
Romanian digital artist and photographer Caras Ionut created a magically deceptive photography series. The manipulated images were inspired by dream-like memories and fantasies that the artist himself experienced. The images consist of mostly positive dream images, like a child riding a giant fish or a child propelling from a swing as if skydiving. The artist also likes to re-visit his darker dreams as well. An example of a darker image is one of an old man on a park bench holding a single red flower with his head dropped, in front of a gloomy background.

The Photoshop creations are surreal and impossible, but they appear extremely realistic. The artist's main goal is to have his images reach out and touch individual's hearts. He wants the images to remind people of dreams they themselves have had and can't explain. The interesting artistic approach captivates peoples attentions and stays in their memories long after the image has gone.