Dacia Worked with 30 Creatives to Reinvent the Car Owner's Manual

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: daciagroup
As a car manufacturer, Dacia knows that drivers only choose to read the classic car manual when the must in a situation of trouble. In order to turn this resource into a source of entertainment rather than reading that's done as a chore, Dacia created an 'Alternative Manual.'

This new type of car manual was created in partnership with more than 30 writers and illustrators, who addressed topics like tools, child security, seatbelts and the car's dashboard. Instead of reading like a typical manual, the book communicates information creatively with poetry and prose.

The inventive book was revealed at the biggest book fair in Romania, which Dacia is a sponsor of. There are plans to make the Alternative Manual available in car showrooms in order to make it much more interesting to flip through an instructional book.