The Markus Sell Car-Bike has the Body of a Car and the Soul of a Bike

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: metro & uniquedaily
Switzerland's Markus Sell has made me green with handyman envy thanks to his car-bike. The car-bike is exactly what it sounds like, an automobile that has both car and bicycle parts.

The car-bike has the body of a Renault Clio and the wheel steering and propulsion system of a bicycle. The whole contraption looks incredibly odd, and it isn't too clear on how you sit when you're inside of it. Unfortunately, it won't be any clearer anytime soon, as Sell was cited by Swiss police for riding around the streets in his strange contraption. Sell was let off with a warning and has returned back to the drawing board in an attempt to possibly try and make his car-bike either wackier or street legal. Here's hoping he goes the wackier route.