The Capsule Force Game is a Retro Amine-Themed Multi-Player Video Game

 - Aug 29, 2015
This retro-inspired video game titled Capsule Force reflects a 1980s video game that is trying to portray a futuristic world. The game is set up like a galactic maze that is made up of amine-themed characters, retro music and vintage-looking graphics.

The game can be played with on a multiplayer platform or as a single-player platform. The ultimate goal within the video game is to unleash the various worlds that have been captured and placed inside tiny spherical force fields.

This multiplayer-encouraging game in designed to entertain game-lovers and create a socially competitive environment. The Capsule Force battles are supposed to be "fast and chaotic, and there's a sense of lightness to the way you move." As a tribute to the evolution of gaming, this unique game combines science fiction, outer space and retro anime themes.