Cao Hui's Victimized Chair Spews Organs Like a Human Being

 - Nov 16, 2012
Cao Hui's organic sculptures look like a giant monster came and slashed up the place.

The Chinese artist's detailed work depicts a literally fleshy chair. With peach-colored skin, the chair's insides are cut, sliced and spewing guts and blood from all angles. Cao Hui's intricate work not only includes the gory intestines but also exposes the rarely seen porous marrow within the bones. Visually unappealing for all who wish to take a comfy seat, the chair is wounded past the point of repair. As the massive destructive monster flees the scene, the remnants of the chair ooze with not blood but thick sticky pus. The artist does a fantastic job of making viewers feel repulsed but the design, yet like a car accident, it's so horrible they can't look away.