Canned Air from New York City is Filled with the Spirit of the City

 - Aug 17, 2012
References: etsy & neatorama
The iconic 'I Heart NYC' t-shirts might be losing their appeal, at least it appears so with the introduction of Canned Air from New York City. A unique souvenir to say the least, this product doesn't even have the tactile appeal of a rock or vial of sand. Instead, it addresses people's love of novelty items, especially ones that are slightly more ludicrous than the next.

Conceived by Czech Republic-based Kirill Rudenko of Esty shop cooperativ, the Canned Air from New York City joins the ranks of other Canned Air hailing from Paris, Singapore and, of course, Prague. According to his Etsy page, this can contains "20% Empire State Building, 10% Grand Central Terminal, 10% Chrysler Building, 20% Statue of Liberty, 10% Little Italy and Chinatown, 10% Brooklyn Bridge, 10% Times Square, 10% Central Park."