'Candy Reading' is a Joint Initiative from Amazon Brazil and Nestle

 - Jan 9, 2016
References: gazetadopovo.br
'Candy Reading' is a recently announced initiative between Amazon Brazil and Nestle that will facilitate access to e-books in order to encourage reading. After purchasing a product included in the promotion, the consumer is directed to a dedicated campaign website where they can enter their code and access e-books from Amazon's Kindle collection.

The campaign is spread across Brazil, with 30 million boxes of Nestle candy at 5,000 points of sale throughout the nation will feature the promotion. The 'Candy Reading' promotion was conceived as a way to boost sales during the 2015 Christmas season for Nestle and Garoto, while also adding value to the boxes of candy.

When a consumer downloads a book through the promotion, they will be promoted to sign-up for 30-days of free access to the Kindle Unlimited service.