Smokeless Cigarettes (Follow-Up)

 - Oct 26, 2007
References: canada
Trend Hunter has featured innovative smokeless cigarettes in the past; we have also featured articles on public smoking bans around the world, but this is the first time we've seen a company embrace both.

Three Ontario entrepreneurs think they could launch a profitable business selling the Revelle Prestige, a smokeless, tobacco-free cigarette, by offering it in areas where public smoking bans have been put into place in the Canadian province.

The electronic cigarette gives smokers the nicotine rush they crave - without the harmful side-effects - by puffing on the device. "When the user inhale through the tip, the battery-driven chip activates an atomizer, which creates a nicotine-flavoured water-vapour mist."

Leamington business man Rick Butera acquired Canadian distribution rights, but China still holds the patent. Butera says the Revelle Prestige "will be driven by demand and, so far, there's been a great deal of interest wherever I've displayed the product."

The cigarettes cost $175, but only need to be refilled about every 2.5 weeks by $5 cartridges. To cater to different preferences in dose, they come in high, medium, low or no nicotine versions.

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