Recycled Rock-and-Roll Wrist Cuffs From Drink Cans and LPs

 - Feb 8, 2009   Updated: Aug 16 2011
References: elsewares
The folks at Elsewares have found a way to give empty aluminium drink cans and cast-off classic vinyl LPs new lives.

The vinyl version is made in Philadelphia from mint-condition records plated with rhodium, a non-tarnishing metal. They're available in black, red or white, complete with grooves.

Beer or soda cans are attached to a sterling silver cuff by a little company in Vermont. Sterling rivets secure the aluminum and it is protected from damage with silver end-caps.

Implications - Elsewares have brought together drink cans and vinyl LPs in the hopes of giving both new life. This is a highly innovative concept that anyone who is into design or the environment will certainly be into.