Camp Grounded Helps Adults Ditch Tech Addictions

 - Jul 10, 2013
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In a time where anything and everything is connected, Camp Grounded provides an outlet for adults -- and it isn't connected to the wall. The main premise of the camp is to help people get away from their daily tech addictions by getting back to both nature and people.

Living in a highly connected environment can be incredibly taxing on an individual; there's always something happening. It can lead to more work hours, more stress because of increased expectations and even a feeling of constantly being "on." The people over at Camp Grounded wanted to get people back to being connected with other people -- not through social media networks, text messages, or Skype, but in face-to-face situations that revolve around them helping each other. That's not to say that technology is inherently harmful, but that having a balance can be the cure to your e-stress. Check out the Camp Grounded website for more information about their rewarding services.