The Abu-Dhabi Ritz-Carlton Created Some Nutritiously Delicious Drinks

 - Jul 15, 2013
References: ritzcarlton & luxurylaunches
Abu-Dhabi’s Ritz-Carlton has upped its luxurious status once again with its addition of camel milk cocktails to its drink menu. In fact, the hotel even has its own in-house camel milk mixologist, Mohammad Daoud.

These cocktails are all virgin, so they’re perfect for everyone from parched parents to thirsty three year-olds. With his unparalleled mixology skills, Daoud has created some incredibly refreshing flavors, from strawberry to mint, giving hotel guests a ton of options to choose from. Camel milk is also extremely nutritious, being one of the most natural protein-rich substances you can drink.

Daoud originally created these drinks as a means of staying full during the fasting of Ramadan. Since camel milk is so chock full of proteins and vitamins, consuming a camel milk shake before fasting ensures that Ramadan celebrators don’t become too hungry or faint before breaking their fast at sunset. However, Daoud’s drinks’ delicious taste and fun flavors have made them a popular drink at the hotel, even outside of Ramadan. Perhaps with time, camel milk will become a mainstream beverage available all over the world.