This Drink Provides a Boost of Energy Without the Extra Calories

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: batterydrink & trndmonitor
'Battery' is selling a line of calorie-free energy drinks that allow consumers to refuel without consuming extra calories. While there are a number of energy drinks on the market, many of these products contain high levels of sugar. This energizing beverage provides an alternative for those who want to avoid the extra calories found in traditionally sweetened energy drinks.

Unlike other energy-boosting beverages, the alternative energy drinks from Battery are free from sugar and carbohydrates. Despite the lack of sugar, the drinks provide a refreshing taste with the same energy boost as the brand's original beverages. This boost comes from caffeine and taurine, which provide a powerful pick-me-up when consumed.

Available in both Original and Lime varieties, the calorie-free energy drinks provide a refreshing alternative to traditional energy drinks.