Calliope Creations Handcrafts Gemstone Charms Specifically for Women

 - Aug 12, 2010
References: artfire
Marianne Hopkins of Calliope Creations has been designing jewelry, beading and making small sculptures with natural materials for over 15 years. Her work has been sold at the Tucson Museum of Art, as well as placed in galleries in California and Arizona. Many of her pieces are in private collections across the country.

One of her creations is the light gray 'Women’s Health Medicine Rock,' which is embellished with soft, downy white duck feathers and gems with a band of light green cording crossed with pale yellow. The gemstones selected are those which have been used through the ages to promote women’s health, especially in the area of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. Calliope Creations' rocks can be used and appreciated by any woman and they make a loving and thoughtful gift.

The designer behind Calliope Creations resides in Tucson, Arizona and when she's not working on various creative projects, you can find this artisan training and showing her Shetland Sheepdogs in competitions.