CADCAM Tableware Provokes Thought About Industrial Production

 - Oct 9, 2011
References: minale-maeda & mocoloco
If the question occurs to you and you look closely at an item, the way it's been made may gradually unfold for you. CADCAM tableware, however, has been designed so that its manufactured quality is much more obvious, making this collection of plates, bowls and cups all the more through-provoking.

The Minale-Maeda studio developed this unique line of dinnerware to deliberately reference the industrial forms of machine parts. Every last porcelain mug, pitcher and platter has been shaped and detailed to look industrial, complete with notches, sculpted hinges and cutout shapes.

But despite the factory inspiration behind CADCAM tableware, the subtle bisque glaze of the pieces and the smooth edges and angles give each object a stylish softness.