'Rau' Makes Non-Dairy Drinks with Fair Trade Cacao Beans and Spices

 - Sep 20, 2017
References: foodbusinessnews.net
As an alternative to chocolate milk, 'Rau' makes non-dairy, cold-pressured cacao beverages with organic and fair trade ingredients. Some of the varieties produced by the brand include: Semi-Sweet, Cold Brew Mocha, Mint and Salted Caramel, which are enhanced by flavorful additions like Himalayan pink salt and coconut palm sugar or monk fruit extract for sweetness.

The HPP beverages spotlight sustainably farmed, single-origin cacao as a main ingredient to reintroduce consumers to chocolate in its purest form. As cacao is raw and much less processed than cacao powder or chocolate bars, it is rich in antioxidants and nutrition.

As Ray describes, it takes an alternative approach to cacao beans by "hand-picking organic, fair trade cacao beans straight from the tree, infusing them with pure organic spices; creating a concoction inspired by the Mayans – naked of all unhealthy refined sugar, dairy, and preservatives." The unique drinking chocolate offers an entirely new way to experience the superfood.