Accessorize Desktops with The Sprout Cable Binder

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: en.pinkoi
The plant-inspired cable binder, along with the cactus-shaped phone stand and cable holder are intricately adorable additions to your desktop. Chinese online store Vacii infuses a bit of nature into the tech world with its Sprout cable binder and Cactus desktop cable holder.

The Sprout cable binder is a flexible bean sprout figurine that comes in many cute colors. It wraps around your laptop charger cable and secures it into place, while decorating the rubber-coated wires with a leafy accent.

The Cactus desktop cable holder has a suction cup adhesive on the bottom that will stay put on desktops. Its cactus pads snugly fit thicker cords so that your work station is free of tangled cables. This product can also be used as a phone stand when stuck to the backside of your phone.