The C-124 Cargo Bed is a Sensual Sleeping Space

 - Aug 30, 2011
References: motoart & designbuzz
Although the C-124 Cargo Bed has quite the erotic existence, it is actually made from decidedly un-erotic materials. Crafted out of two authentic cargo floors from the heavy-lift cargo aircraft, the Douglas C-124 Globemaster II, this bunk is far from bawdy. Yet, the tie-down rings do encourage one's naughty imagination to soar, making the C-124 Cargo Bed especially perfect for the Playboy mansion.

Designed by MotoArt, a company that specializes in converting old planes into practical furniture, the C-124 Cargo Bed comes in a raw sanded finish with a padded leather footboard that gives it as much as an industrial feel as it does a raunchy one. Until now, MotoArt has created rather innocent furniture. But with the C-124 Cargo Bed, which they have proceeded to advertise as being "for BDSM-only" purposes, they have definitely crossed the boundary into the fetish delights and other unseemly activities.