The 'BuzziHat' Light Series Absorbs Sounds for Peace and Quiet

 - Apr 27, 2018
References: yankodesign
Open-concept offices have become the norm for many different brands and businesses around the world but can be tough to work in given the heightened level of noise pollution, so the 'BuzziHat' lighting series has been designed to curb this.

Designed with a soft fabric exterior, the lights are actually able to absorb sounds rather than allowing them to bounce off the surface and disturb others in the area. This helps to make open-concept offices and homes more functional for getting work done rather than maintain a cavernous aesthetic that could really disrupt workflow.

The 'BuzziHat' lighting series is the design work of Alain Gilles for BuzziSpace and also works to provide smooth lighting over a workstation or table to ensure optimal visibility.