This BuzzFeed Video Describes How Hard it is to be a Leftie

 - May 29, 2013
References: buzzfeed & laughingsquid
The newest BuzzFeed video 'Why It's Hard Out There For A Lefty' draws upon an issue prevalent in our society: left-handedness. The video addresses all the reasons why the world wasn't made for left-handed people citing 3-ring binders, can openers and scissors as proof.

The comedic attitude of this Buzzfeed video acknowledges that lefties are not suffering but are simply annoyed. It's true that most desks and other school supplies are meant for right-handed people. Perhaps left-handed scissors and desks should be made more readily available in class so that left-handed people don't get pencil dust all over their hands or kill themselves using scissors as demonstrated in the video.

With this hilarious new video, BuzzFeed has related to a whole population of people who have suffered too long under the dictatorship of the right-handed.