Akinobu Kurokawa's Yellow Rope Statues Boasts a Bulbous Shape

Akinobu Kurokawa's bungee cord sculpture is bizarre and captivating. The Japanese artist's latest project boasts a bulbous shape and a yellow color that is infused with hints of technicolored thread tones.

Though ambiguous, the art piece resembles a beehive or a cocoon befor it is transformed into a winged butterfly. Akinobu Kurokawa is a renowned talent who has displayed his work in museums and other respected art institutions including Tokyo's Mori Yu Gallery.

His most recent project fits with his bizarre and distinctive aesthetic, one that both captivates and confuses it viewer. Looking to nature for his inspiration, the Japanese artist conceives an organic bungee cord sculpture using a manmade and unconventional material. His final product boasts hidden details and complex knot formations that can be seen when it is examined at close range.