Norton Flavel Creates 'Bulk Carrier' for the Sculpture by the Sea Contest

Bulk Carrier by Norton Flavel is a massive wine bag sculpture set on the beach in Perth, Australia. The design was entered in the Sculpture by the Sea contest, and uses a common fixture in Australian drinking culture.

The wine bag is popular for a type of drink nicknamed 'Goon' in this part of the world. It's an extremely cheap bag of wine that most people on a budget, such as travelers, drink in excess. Here Flavel is commenting on the overconsumption of society, and how this can escalate to extremes. Judging by the size of this structure and how it towers over anyone around it, this consumption is being pushed over the top.

Bulk Carrier by Norton Flavel makes for both a noteworthy design and a great message to people to avoid excessive consumption. Photo Credits: designboom, sculpturebythesea