The Bulb Torch Applies Illumination Filters Directly to the Source

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: saeheeher
It would be such a fresh change to swap your broad iconic lampshade for one of these Bulb Torches. They certainly would not provide the same sort of light diffusion as cloth-covered cylinders do, but the effects would dull the intensity of the light source and introduce a bit of visual intrigue.

Saehee Her's project explores the way that ordinary objects can be turned into extraordinary ones. Here we have a collection of regular lightbulbs that take the conventional forms. They're best left completely uncloaked upon the stands of floor lamps and table lamps and even suspended as pendant lamps. The Bulb Torches feature different materials that cover their surfaces, including bound red string, soft white felt and a plastic vacuum-fit filter that's black with translucent trees.