The Bubbles Soap Dish is a Fun Take on a Ubiquitous Product

 - Feb 11, 2014
References: amazon & fancy
The best part about the Bubbles Soap Dish is that you never have to worry about the bubbles bursting.

Bubbles are inherently fun. I'm not sure why, science should probably try and figure that one out, but in the meantime we have the Bubbles Soap Dish to occupy us. As functional as it is clever, the Bubbles Soap Dish is a perfect holder for your sponges, scrubbers and soaps.

Most people don't give their soap dishes much thought; they're usually considered to be one of the least interesting items in the house, next to the toothbrush holder. The Bubbles Soap Dish is looking to change all that and is hoping to grab your attention with its fun and clever design.