This Back to the Future Art Celebrates an Iconic Film

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: makeupartish
New York-based artist Ish Peralta celebrated the cultural touchstone that is Back To The Future with an eye-popping bodypaint design on model Jessica Mellow. Jessica, who some have called "The most painted model in New York," was painted for hours to achieve the unique tribute to Doc and Marty’s travels.

The details included the DeLorean driving into the back (with the background of the clocktower), the Jaws 19 logo and shark on the chest, the date/time stamp under the DeLorean (which is coming through the front torso and has the silhouettes of Doc Brown and Marty in the front window). There is a flux capacitator on the hip, a pizza and a Pepsi Perfect bottle on the left arm. A hoverboard is painted on the right leg and the right arm and left leg have the Roman numerals of a clock winding around them. To finish it off, the self-lacing Nike Mags were painted onto the feet.

Says Jessica of the design: "It was a fun one to do, and we were both excited to pay tribute to such an influential film that, more than most, seems to have withstood the test of time!"